Our products

Over a decade of working with multi-professional game development teams has raised the desire in us to provide our colleagues with tools that streamline and simplify their workflows without messing them up.

Our flagship product Live++ offers engineers a generic hot-reload solution for C and C++ applications, massively cutting down iteration times.

Our RawPDB library allows developers to directly read Microsoft Program DataBase PDB files.

Our PsdLibrary SDK is a solution that gives game developers what they need to natively work with Adobe® Photoshop® files in their asset pipelines.

About Molecular Matters

Molecular Matters is a Vienna, Austria based company that provides game developers of any size with tools that can easily be integrated into any existing pipeline.

The company was founded in 2012 by Stefan Reinalter, who has worked on multiple titles on multiple platforms, and is specialized in low-level programming and rendering technology and algorithms.

We want to supply our customers with simple but clever solutions for tricky problems and with tools and middleware that can be used and implemented without headache.

Molecular Matters puts high emphasis on easy-to-use and stable tools, and clean and concise code that runs at high performance and is well-documented.