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Contract Work

Molecular Matters is available for contract work on and off site. Our specialities include all kinds of optimization (performance, memory, and loading times), parallelization and technical problem solving.

Clients can vouch for highest-quality service, delivered in immaculate state and within the agreed time frame.

We have worked on many different tasks demanded by our clients, including but not limited to: porting, optimization, TRC/TCR, rendering, asset pipeline enhancement, 3rd party SDK integration, prototyping, and R&D.

Molecular Matters offers experience in working on console hardware such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as PC. We are familiar with many industry-standard middleware solutions such as Bink, Granny, Miles Sound System, and Simplygon.

  • On and off site work
  • Console platforms and PC
  • Familiar with 3rd party APIs and SDKs
  • Highest quality, on schedule

Recent work

  • Silent Hunter Online
  • Hitman: HD Trilogy

Our Clients